What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: the Photograph mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially.

-Roland Barthes

For this photographic project I decided to use different qualities of light and the way they transfigure the body and allow new symbolic and expressive meanings about it, creating dreamlike images and fleeting atmospheres. Nude transfiguration of light is divided in three group series, where I experiment with very specific aspects of natural and artificial lightning on image composition. The first experimentation is focused on the use of natural backlight and how it generates a beautiful contrast in relation to the skin color of the model and the visual perception of the location, transfiguring the place where the light enters, creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

The second series are more related to the employ of illusionism in photography and the use of artificial light, with the goal of blurring the frontiers between reality and fiction, generating a twist on the viewer, of what he is looking at, and how this also generates new possibilities of the body as artistic medium. For this series I projected shadows of different common life objects in the skin surface of the models, transfiguring their appearance, creating new sensations, and allowing a poetic ambivalence of what is perceived and what is seeing. In this sense, I am interested on exploring the relationship between art and life, and how the routine, our daily habits, and the things that surround our lives and testify our intimacy, can be turned into something different, can be transformed in a different context where they come from, allowing new meanings and amusing us.

On the last series I experimented with a technique called light painting, which is a very interesting quality, in conditions of minimum light and prolonged exposure of the camera lens, which allows freezing the movement and capturing the instant of a continuous action, while painting on the surface of the body. This technique can be very complex to use and has an elevated level of difficulty, but it is also challenging and extremely satisfying to do so. For me the most interesting aspect of this technique and its formal qualities is that blurs the limits between photography and painting, mixing characteristics of both art disciplines and generating a unique visual effect.

I hope you enjoy my work and that it is capable to speak to you in a unique way, where words are not necessary anymore…