Edgar Vite was born in Mexico City, but now he lives and works at Colombia, where he develops as academic professor and cultural manager. At this moment he is full time Professor and Researcher at the Department of Visual Arts and Aesthetics, at Universidad del Valle. His interests have always been related to the Arts and the Humanities, and for this reason he concluded a MA and a PhD on Philosophy at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), specializing himself in the areas of Aesthetics, Art History and Art Theory. He has worked for recognized institutions like Technological Institute Autonomous of Mexico, Panamerican University, Anáhuac University, Casa Lamm and the Hellenic Cultural Institute in Mexico City; and the Museum la Tertulia and the Departmental Library in the city of Cali. He is invited to give lectures and participate on international symposiums in areas like Philosophy of Culture, Art History, Aesthetics, Semiotics, Theory of Image, Critic Theory, Visual Arts, Contemporary Dance and Literature. Recently he has directed a series of Creative Laboratories in Mexico and Colombia, taking as reference the artistic language of Videodance and the experimentation with accessible digital technologies, with the goal of orientating participants to construct images in movement, exploring the urban space, their own body and their connection to other people.